Jax Hamill is a man who has changed his life – with lots of hard work and even more dumb luck. He’s left the hell of his younger and wilder days behind, and now he has a bar, a house, a truck, and a bike. Oh, and all the casual sex in a bar back room that a man like him may desire. Jax lives his carefree life for ‘now’, and keeps things ‘temporary’. At least he did…until she threw everything he thought in to question.

Sarah Matthews is a woman who would love to change her life in some ways. By default and sheer bad luck, she juggles a staggering number of responsibilities, both personal and professional. She’s single, stressed, and seriously in need of some fun. If only she could escape her overly-scheduled, vanilla life, and cut loose… just for a little while.

When Jax and Sarah decide to get together – just temporarily and just for fun – it changes both of their lives for the better. But when a man from Sarah’s past returns, it changes everything for the worse. In fact, it couldn’t be worse. As Sarah fights to come back to him, Jax is forced to confront the kind of person he was, who he is now, and the man that he wants to be… both for Sarah, and for himself.

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Meet Naomi Abbott: a former successful painter, she now runs a non-profit art program for autistic adults. She’s intelligent, and beautiful, and kind. Oh, and she’s also an alcoholic in her first year of recovery. Naomi’s working on many tough things in her life – things that can knock the breath out of her body at just a thought – and the last thing she can cope with right now is romance. A man would upset everything she’s trying to accomplish… especially that man.

Meet Matt ‘King’ Kingston: a hulking, scowling, muscular ex-Marine who has a garage with clients that include MC members, and who runs some shady special-ops group. He’s gorgeous, and generous, and sex on legs. Oh, and he’s completely and totally in lust and love with Naomi. Despite his best efforts to get close to her – hell, she won’t even accept a simple dinner invitation! – she’s holding back for reasons he can’t begin to comprehend. But King isn’t a man who takes no for an answer…and he’s determined to get Naomi to say yes.

As they get to know each other, Naomi finds herself wondering if she can trust Matt with her deepest, darkest secrets. As she lowers her walls and starts to let him in, Matt helps her heal and believe in herself – and in him. But when Naomi goes in to a tailspin, will she find the inner strength to get through it in one piece? And if she comes back to him, will King’s love still be there waiting for her?

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24159cb5-9c34-40d7-9b39-a2463d5a0d29KILLER CURVES (DANGEROUS CURVES #3)

Gabriela Torres was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time – and she kind of witnessed a brutal murder. Scared and panicking, she hides out at Dangerous Curves and lays low, trying to get her head together. After all, chances are that the killers didn’t even twig that she was there, right? Well, unfortunately, they know it perfectly well. When it becomes clear that Gabi is a hunted woman, the Curves guys step up to protect her… and nobody does so faster than the tough, sweet man that Gabi is secretly in love with.

Aidan Carter has longed for Gabi for three long years and when she moves in with him, he finally has her – in his arms, in his heart, in his bed. He promises to keep her safe, but when the Fallen Angels MC decides that all loose ends need to be tied up, Aidan realizes that promises aren’t nearly enough. When the woman that he loves is plunged in to the worst kind of blackness, Aidan has no idea if she’ll ever fully emerge. Will Gabi be trapped in that cold, dark place forever… or will Aidan’s love be enough to bring her back and warm her?

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Four years ago, Miranda Campbell, née Kane, walked away from Shane MacIntyre, the only man that she’s ever loved. It wasn’t her choice and it wasn’t easy. Since then, she’s worked to rebuild her life alone and looking over her shoulder. When she runs in to Shane and he demands an explanation, Mirrie knows that time has run out and she needs to tell Shane everything: why she ran, what she’s afraid of, who she is… and who she was.

Shane ‘Mac’ MacIntyre is a man who doesn’t take anything seriously except for his job. Definitely not women, most definitely not relationships. The only woman he ever loved left him without a word and since then, his life has been a revolving door of one-nighters. When Mirrie reappears, Mac fights to make it safe for her to come back to him. But even as Mac willingly faces down the monsters that almost destroyed Mirrie, he doesn’t know if he’ll survive them. And if he does, he doesn’t know if Mirrie will ever forgive him for taking such a horrible, stupid risk.

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Curtis Manning is a huge, scowling, almost-silent, ex-boxer and former soldier who now bounces at Dangerous Curves. A tough-as-hell childhood has left him not the slightest bit interested in commitment or relationships – or at least, he wasn’t interested before Tessa showed up at Curves, all blonde curls, and emerald-gold eyes, and hot, lush body. Since he first laid eyes on her, Curtis has been in love with Tessa… but now the woman that he loves is on self-destruct, and he’ll do anything to help her. Even walk away from her forever, if it means that she’ll get healthy.

Tessa Mahoney is a tall, curvy, ex-ballet dancer who now waitresses at Curves. A tough-as-hell childhood has left her with an overwhelming need to control everything in her topsy-turvy, chaotic life… including every morsel of food that she puts in to her mouth. She’s determined to get back to 99 pounds – and she’s willing to do anything at all to make that happen. Even damn near starve herself to death, if it means that she feels in control for the first time in a long time.

When Curtis forces Tessa to face what she’s doing to herself, he expects to never see her again. Instead, she forgives him, and everything that Curtis has ever wanted with and for Tessa comes true. But when the man who took Curtis’ mother away from him returns, and threatens Tessa, Curtis faces some hard, ugly truths about himself. Once Tessa sees those things in Curtis, will she be able to forgive him? And even if she does, will Curtis be able to forgive himself?

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