Nick and Mia have a rough road ahead in ‘Fighting Back’ (Fighting For Love #5)… here’s hoping that they make it!


Nick Spencer swam back to consciousness, feeling nothing but fuzzy and blank. He didn’t mind, though, because he knew that these seconds – these dark, dim seconds – were the final ones that he had before he went over a line that he’d been dreading crossing.

But it had to be crossed.

When Nick had gone under the anesthetic, he had done so with two whole, entire legs. And now he had one whole, entire leg and one… not.

Yeah, he was going to cherish these last few, precious seconds before reality came crashing on down and in. Before he had to open his eyes and look down the length of his body.

And see what he was now missing. What he’d be missing forever.


He turned to the voice, responding to his Mom’s worry. He cracked his eyes open. Blinked.

“Nick? Honey?” He felt a soft hand on his hair, smoothing it back, and marveled that Moms could make almost everything better with a single touch. Almost. “You awake?”

“Yeah,” he grunted.

“How you doing?” his Mom asked quietly, still stroking his dark-blond hair. “You feel sick?”

Nick shut his gray eyes again, trying to actually feel his body. For over a decade now, he’d had perfect command and total control over it, as he’d practiced karate religiously, first as a tool to kill the men who had killed his girlfriend, and then as a discipline worthy of respect. Over the course of all those years, Nick had learned how to use his body, to harness its immense power, and then to make it move in ways that were both lethal and beautiful.

Now, though, his body felt – strange. Unbalanced and off-kilter. He felt an absence, a void, and his heart sank as he fully realized for the first time that he’d be feeling it for the rest of his life. Where there had once been muscle and tissue and bone, now there was just air. Emptiness.