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Happy Monday, guys! Today’s interview is with Veronica Del Rosa, a woman who loves to write Paranormal Romances. I found her book, ‘Sylvia’s Torment’, to be an action-packed adventure with a surprisingly sweet side… and the love scenes were holy hot, y’all!

So, here we go:

When did you start writing? What was the first thing that you ever wrote?

I’ve been interested in writing since I was a teen. I’d actually convinced my parents when I was about 16 to pay for a creative writing correspondence course. I wrote several short stories that I’d submitted for grading. Looking back, they were terrible. Seriously terrible. The writing was, of course, juvenile and melodramatic. I learned a fair bit from that course.

Then life got in the way and I stopped writing until three years ago. I’d been complaining to my husband about a book where the plot drove me nuts and the characters were one-dimensional. He told me to either write a better book or stop complaining. It was nicer than it sounds. 😉 He figured I’d stop complaining, instead I took it as a challenge. My first book, Magic Resistant, took over two years to write.

How many books and/or series have you written to date? Which one of your books is your favorite, and why?

To date, I’ve written three novels, three novellas, and one short story. I’m currently working on the 4th novel of my Enforcers and Coteries series. My favourite book, well, that’s a toss up. I love Sylvia’s Torment for the same reason why I love Dawn’s Keeper – the characters. Sylvia is an amazing woman who went through a nightmarish time. Her pack and, more specifically, her mate, helped her through the healing process. I loved exploring the dynamics of the pack, and  how they interacted with each other.

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With Dawn’s Keeper, Dawn and Elijah were just so much fun. They are two powerful creatures who have had a lot of time to mature, explore life, and then say screw it, I’ll do what I want. It was interesting to get into the minds of those who’d seen so much and didn’t bother with social conventions.

What are your future projects?

I have three more books to write for Enforcers and Coterie, including the one I’m writing now. In total there will be six novels and five novellas for this series. After that, I’ll be working on the Revenant series and there is a total of five books slated with no novellas. Markus, Revenant, and Seraphina are the major players in this series. I’ll be deviating from my comfort zone since it’ll be urban fantasy and not paranormal romance. There is still some romance, but it won’t be the focal point. And no, it won’t have a love triangle.

‘Sylvia’s Torment’ (Enforcers and Coterie #2) most definitely falls in to the Paranormal Romance category. Why do you enjoy writing PNR?

I enjoy thinking up new and interesting ways the world could be, and how people would react within this world. With PNR, you can push the envelope for what characters would do. Emotions can be more extreme without jumping into the psycho realm.

Plus I really enjoy coming up with enemies who simply couldn’t exist in the real world. There are demons, Fae, werewolves, vampires, mages, and humans. Any of them could be working for or against our main characters.

Is it unusual for a wolf pack to have a female Beta? Why do you think that Sylvia is a good Beta to Derek’s Alpha? How do they ‘complete’ each other?

It is unusual for a female to be a Beta. They aren’t as aggressive as the male werewolves, and their society used that as an excuse for an all-boys-club. Derek, however, grew up with a Top Alpha mother. He saw firsthand that women are just as good, so he encouraged Sylvia. He recognized in her the desire and need for structure and order. And she wanted to prove that the time he’d invested in her wasn’t wasted. Also it gave Derek’s  mother ammunition in her fight against sexist Alphas; it showed that women had a lot to offer their society, as more than just housewives.

As for completing each other, neither one of them expects perfection from the other. As a Top Alpha, Derek has to show strength at all times. If he doesn’t, another could challenge him for his position or  others within his pack might not follow him anymore. With Sylvia, he can let himself relax and not worry. Sylvia need someone who can stand shoulder to shoulder with her, someone who isn’t intimidated by her and won’t force her into a mould she’d never fit into. They complete each other by just being who they are.

Why did you decide to have Derek wait so long to claim his lifemate? Why did you include the ‘complication’ of Victor?

Sylvia needed time to grow into her personality. When she met Derek, even though she was thirty years old , by werewolf standards she was a teenager with wild hormones. She would’ve been overwhelmed by him, especially since he’d taken over the reigns as Top Alpha only twenty years prior. He couldn’t let anything weaken him at that point, and their relationship would’ve suffered for it. Thirty years later, she knew her own mind, had enough life experience to stand on her own two feet, and wouldn’t be intimidated by Derek.

As for Victor, well, the poor guy just wanted a friend. She reminded him of his sister. And sometimes love gets a little messy even with the best of intentions. There also had to be another reason why Derek wouldn’t claim his lifemate, and Victor was a perfect reason.

Sylvia’s kidnapping and torture resulted in serious trauma for her, and what she needed was care and comfort. These words go against what we think of as ‘Alpha’ behavior, but Derek gave Sylvia control. Why did you decide that it was OK to make Derek look ‘weak’?

Derek, like most people, is a mixture of different traits. I felt his ‘weakness’ showed a strength of character, one who was willing to open up and do whatever was necessary to help the woman he loves.  I feel that someone who is able to put another above them, worry more about their loved one’s mental wellbeing and not how they are perceived by others, is a strength many undervalue. To love someone is to help them, not use them as a prop for their own image.

What do you think was the most important moment in Sylvia’s healing?

When she opened up to Derek and trusted him with what had happened to her.  She realized that one moment in her life did not define who and what she was. She survived. Her time with the scientists had changed her viewpoint on life, made her more wary now of strangers and even those who aren’t strangers. Trust was something she thought she’d lost. Derek’s understanding and unconditional support for her opened her eyes to the truth. Who she was hadn’t been lost, just redefined.

If a reader wanted to find out more about you, where could they do that? Have you got a website, blog, social media presence?


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